Tantric Ninja

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Melissa Rymer, Melbourne, VIC Australia

"I have just finished a delicious and life affirming session with the Tantric Ninja. Always so gentle, and respectful, I felt a deep soul connection through his sacred work. He helped me navigate the untended path to rediscover my own pleasure and introduce me to my wilder self. Up until working with you, for me, orgasm was like a pleasant sneeze or as he described it like a little girl’s orgasm. With his beautiful words and loving kindness, I felt overwhelmingly safe and supported to delve into the deeper waters of the orgasmic life force. As a woman, he helped me to see that this is my birthright and the true power of my femininity. 

I found the detailed consultation that he offered at the beginning of the session enhanced a heart felt connection and helped me to open up to the whole blissful experience. I felt seen and valued as a person and as a woman, which is something I have been yearning for after years of being in an unfulfilling marriage. I cried and laughed many times during the session. I felt my body and spirit letting go of some childhood sadness and at the same time becoming reacquainted with my bliss. I look forward to continuing this journey.

Even though the actual session went for over 3 hours, I felt like I had been transported to an alternate universe within my being. It felt like no time had passed, I could have gone on all day. The whole experience was incredibly erotic and I was especially turned on experiencing my first mouth orgasm (who knew?) I learned that my entire body, from my head to toes is an erotic zone and that I am the one who has the greatest power to turn myself on. Thank you Tantric Ninja for our session, it was a truly nourishing and healing way to spend a day. You are so kind, and respectful. It is such a gift to know you and I am planning to recommend your work to many of my friends.”