Tantric Ninja

Saturday 28 January 2017

Mirka Comelli, Verona, Italy

"I recently had the great honor to participate in a session with this beautiful and magical being that is known as the Tantric Ninja. I met him through several mutual friends while traveling in Melbourne. Somewhere deep in my heart I was looking for help for a long time. I was not exactly sure what was the best thing for me to do. I was loosing my mind and unsure what to do, so I tried to shut down my feelings and just kept working away. I really did believe that I could get through this frustration and poor health on my own. I have been suffering with endometriosis for many years. I have not felt satisfied sexually and I had resigned to having no sex.

I’ve been working as a dancer for some time now and even that has been getting boring, painful and depressing. Now in hindsight, I realize how lost I was. I was desperate, feeling numb, in pain and low in energy. Due to my poor health both mentally, emotional and physical, I started to lose confidence and I said to myself that I’d had enough. So I started to pray with all my heart for real help and a few days later there was Tantric Ninja, he contacted me! It was as if he felt my pain and came to rescue me.

Even when I first met him, I felt I could talk about anything, his heart is welcoming, comforting and full of wisdom. The actual session was an incredible experience, he made me feel at ease from the start, I felt vulnerable and strong at the same time. It felt reassuring to feel next to me an authentic man with the knowledge, insight and humility guiding and holding my hand. I got to experience and become aware of the blocks in my body that he helped me work with and helped them flow again since resisting and denying has caused me so much pain. I felt these blocks dissolve and the energy coming from him traveling through my whole body helped me feel my way back to life.

He was able to hold space for me to remain in my orgasmic bliss for almost 8 hours which I still cannot quite understand as it felt like a deliciously restful hour. It was such a magic journey that I was able to experience through my body and connect with my soul. With renewed confidence, inspiration and flow, I am forever grateful for this enlightening experience and introduction to my inner world. I feel fresh, new, full of energy and much more positive. I actually feel filled with love. I am so glad that I was open to his work. Thank you."