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"The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, Lo There! For, Behold, The Kingdom of God is within you."

Luke 17:20

Why Is The Tantric Path So Important For Women?

Organized religion has effectively undermined our relationship with the divine. Women have had to conform to patriarchal dogma, discrimination and slavery. Men are living from a fictional reality bolstered by common law, roles and obligations that are inauthentic, unfulfilled and conceptual. This ultimately perpetuates disconnection, distrust and discord creates a wall of insecurity and self-fulfilled prophecies. The normalization, incongruity and filtering, perpetuate fear and shame to undermine our relationships with our own body, desire and passion. The fact that anything other than the conventional status quo is considered an outrage or evil is just as deluded. In Tantric Buddhist philosophy, beliefs are considered hindrances as opposed to wisdom which is based on actual experience rather than dogma and limiting views. This is effectively the path of yoga and is foundational to tantric path. The practice of self-realization to embodiment of our true nature!

The old rites of passage and traditions of initiation are long gone and women have been abandoned, objectified and burdened with roles that compete with the masculine that drains them of their vital life force and natural flow. They either become defensive, aggressive and tense or they become possessions, controlled, exposed to violence, condemnation and abuse. Many women's lives become plagued with shame, blame and insecurity. It has become more convenient to blame someone else for the current status quo rather than articulating our desire with love and appreciation. How much resentment can one fester before one explodes or breaks out in hysteria. Very few women can address their tumescence and the bottomless pit that desire can present. Instead of focusing on the causes of such dis-ease, modern science focuses mostly on reducing symptoms. Most western women face gender specific illnesses such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, breast cancer and menopause to name a few in such large numbers and there seems to be no cure in site. Those that rise above their predicament open heartedly and with grace are many but there are just as many that are barely coping. Many women's natural flow and femininity is shut down by the armour used to protect their own sensitivity, just so as to fit in or engage in the world. Relating with true vulnerability is something we all need, without losing face, dignity or effectiveness.

Women have been controlled throughout history. They have been told what they can and should do, or to act like this or that without any guidance as to how to align their values to their highest purpose. Ultimately, they have been undermined, silenced and manipulated. Women have been taught that they must keep their sexuality to themselves and not give it away out of love, lust or leisure otherwise they are condemned. Religious, social and family expectations force them to seek out security rather than fulfilment. As a result modern women ultimately identify with their own discord and lack of fulfilment. Woman have been taught to shut down and numb their own bodies; enduring clinical examinations from a young age, unconscious sex and the numbing after effects of pornography. Tantra is definitely not for everyone but it is recommended to those seeking the highest level of honesty, fulfilment and clarity in their lives. So regardless to whether you are feeling sexually unfulfilled, alone, abstinent, separated, violated, repulsed, confused, curious or simply misunderstood this work is for you. The Full Body Orgasm is a woman's birth right and her natural state. It is not enough to tell her how to be, or to read it in a book. Experiencing a full body orgasm is like a breath of fresh air.

How To Stop This Vicious Cycle?

One must take a woman by the hand and gently introduce, invoke and evoke the innate wild woman that resides within her. She will inevitably transcend the dualistic nature of this world. Once she sheds the chrysalis of the girl, mother, krone she may transcend to embody the lover, teacher and queen, she is free to take the mantel as priestess to her temple. Through her correct view of emptiness and service she can realize her own love, grace and charisma, without sexual conceit, jealousy and commerce. Only then can the woman experience her natural cosmic connection to bring her life purpose into this existence. A woman in her natural flowing state can take in this world's beauty and discord and give birth to whatever she desires. Without experiencing this subtle but profound realization, she will always feel like she has to prove her own intuition and existence, which is pretty exhausting!

Historically, initiated men would holistically teach the boys to transition into manhood. The rite of passage was intended to cut his bond with the mother so that he could stand on his own two feet and to protect and lead the community. Boys were once taught about their bodies and their role as a lover, as were the girls. These initiation based lineages have been broken, misplaced and only now being rekindled. It is the women that are open and sensitive enough to make a difference because they are the closest to the divine and grace of this existence. The man's role is to emancipate a woman so that she can be free from this burden and conformity. Tantric Ninja has recognized the importance of this work and through the encouragement of his clients and the women in his life he continues to offer gentle guidance. He always knew this was something that he would share.

Modern society has been inundated with information that has not only accelerated our evolution in a way that very few could have envisioned but also undermined our intrinsic nature. This acceleration too has also brought with it much misinformation, self delusion and disconnection. There is so much confusion and toxic information available out there and Tantric Ninja has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to not only receiving proper initiation, clarification and awakening as he has deliberately explored what others are teaching and many unfortunately perpetuating. Sadly most so called proponents of Tantra are actually misleading their clients by cloaking their own agendas, insecurities and ignorance. Just like in the early pioneers who set sail on uncharted waters many ships never landed. So too most people on the so called tantric path have also been misinformed and are perpetuating even more trauma, tumescence and ignorance. It takes a lot of humility, devotion and suffering to actually even have access to realized beings who have been not only introduced but embody and transmit liberation as one can experience profound benefits with someone that walks the charted path.

Who Is The Tantric Ninja?

Tantric Ninja is a man with an intuitive, insightful and authentic nature. He is a recognized and consecrated lineage teacher and an embodiment of love and wisdom. He's a considerate communicator of the unspoken. His passion for profound beauty and his lifelong dedication to service have afforded him the ability to create a safe environment for women to experience their most vulnerable, powerful and liberated femininity. Being in this field for so many years he can make a clear distinction between that which is incongruent, transient and what is authentic. He has the distinct acumen and skill to integrate this art form into every aspect of people's lives. In 1997, he had the good fortune to become a heart student of a fully realized Buddhist Tantric Master who was the holder of an Ancient Royal Lineage. It was a rare opportunity to spend so many years by his side until his passing, a truly kind teacher who was the embodiment of love, compassion and wisdom.

Tantric Ninja's life passion is to serve, liberate and empower women through the Orgasmic Body Work. His work with men is much more rigorous as their access to energetic subtly requires discipline, dedication and refinement. He has extensively trained and investigated Classical Tantrism and Neo Tantra, Taoist Tantric Massage, De-armouring, Orgasmic Mediation (OM), Yoni Massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Master of Kung Fu, Thai Massage, Kinesiology, Parapsychology, Alchemy, Divination, Geomancy, Cosmology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Astrology, I-Ching, Tantric Buddhism, Deity Initiations, Empowerments and Practices, Parapsychology, Bio-Feedback, Neuroplasticity, The Dr John Demartini Breakthrough Method, The Dr Demartini Values Process, Yoga, Music, Acting, Dance, Illustration, Painting, Modelling and many other art forms. He is a published author who has gained practical knowledge and wisdom through his ongoing practice, research, embodiment, personal retreats, consultation, pilgrimage, ritual, loving relationships, extensive fasting and celibacy.

Since 1992, he has worked as a Tantric Therapist, predominantly using massage and now working more energetically and also does remote work via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and FB Messenger. He has travelled to both Asia and Europe to facilitate group programs and events with other Masters and Grand Masters who are all dedicated to transforming people's lives. Each year as a team they work with thousands of teenagers, men and women to help them to awaken to their true potential so that they can be more committed, passionate and effective in serving their families, community and making a difference in this world. His commitment to embody this work illustrates just how complete and vast his training is to take this work to a whole other level.

What Are Full Body Orgasms?

Full body orgasms awaken all your senses, align you with your true self and transcends trauma by clearing emotional and physical blockages. Tantric Ninja helps women to embody and integrate this orgasmic nature by bringing it into ones being throughout daily life and not just when making love. It is one thing to experience a kundalini or energetic awakening but quite another to use this energy to explore, play and learn from your own cellular and cosmic nature. You will discover a much more innate, feminine quality and natural unity which many women associate with a profound spiritual experience. It will be like switching on a light in a new room. This work is extremely effective in clearing emotional blockages such as guilt, shame and insecurities by activating the natural flow of energy through the channels of the body so you can experience your own essential nature beyond fear and conditioning. It has been compared to the state that one may access through the use of ritual medicines such ayahuasca, iboga and peyote as well as recreational medications such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine. It truly is a gift, to be able to offer this service, in a world so focused on the mundane and so casual about impermanence. He is grateful to the many women that are connecting with him, seeking out a more profound experience of life.

Women have such an innate sensitivity and yet wild, crazy and free nature. Like a double edged sword, she inadvertently feels completely overwhelmed by a web of social, religious and institutional expectations. The sessions begin with an intimate and insightful consultation and the actual body work is always tailored to ensure that you feel safe, supported and nurtured. The full body orgasm sessions last for up to 4 hours depending on how familiar a woman is with her own body. Tantric Ninja will introduce you to pathways through your body and being that you never knew existed. You will experience your body in a much more subtle and profound way. Once a woman realizes her own true receptive nature, she will naturally reside in an orgasmic state. You will look and feel younger. It's that inner radiance that no one can deny. Allow yourself to explore your shadow, let your juices flow and be who you really are. Tantric Ninja will take you by the hand on this essential journey within, to discover why you are really here in this world because love leaves trails.

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