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Monday, 17 September 2018

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With over 1200 intimate sessions and being first and foremost a sexuality, transpersonal, breakthrough specialist, human behavioural educator and consultant since 1992. Many of the women he has worked with are considered leading educators in the tantric, personal development, male and female empowerment facilitators within the industry including corporate professionals, medical practitioners, performance artists as well as courtesans. In fact, he's the only practitioner in this field that guarantees his work's effectiveness which is unparalleled in the industry.

Feel free to read their testimonials below and learn some of the insights many of his clients have experience through the application of his concept breaking, alternative modalities, scientific models and his methodical approach. Most people are satisfied going to a the-rapist and shrink but Tantric Ninja will stretch you beyond your wildest imaginings You will wish you had seen him sooner! Through many years of his own personal disassociation, programming, breakdown, research, academia, mentoring, teaching and embodiment he is a beacon into where most people choose to pretend does not exist. He has continued to face adversity and support women specifically to unequivocally discover their true nature in a safe consent based practice where you will know exactly what that really is, while addressing the shame, confusion and dysfunction of conventional relationships in order to meet one's desire of love and embodied wisdom.

Interested in exploring this profound and unparalleled work? You're welcome to seek him out! Check out his Services page to wet your appetite. For a limited time, Tantric Ninja is offering you the opportunity to have an Orgasmic Body Work Session at half the normal price.*

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Find out what our clients have to say below and decide for yourself, make a booking here today!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Carolyn Tate, Melbourne, VIC Australia

"About six months ago I came to the blinding realization that I needed to stop living in my head and start living in my heart, my body and my pussy. As a business owner, serial author, public speaker and entrepreneur, work was my saving grace! My career gave me the independence I needed after a failed marriage, being a single parent but having an unsustainable and then non existing sex life, I needed to be brutally honest. The authentic, earthy, sexy, feminine, vulnerable woman I knew was there, had been in hiding pretty much my whole life - during my marriage and beyond.

A deep distrust of men had also made a very comfortable home for itself in my heart. So, I set the intention to make 2017 the year that I would reverse all that. I have called it the year of experimentation and exploration so that I can love every juicy part of me and also create the space for a whole range of sexual and orgasmic awakenings as well as attract the kind of relationship I desire. I actually met the Tantric Ninja through Orgasmic Meditation which I find a wonderful and safe practice to regularly nurture my essential nature.

A very important part of my journey and a significant highlight, was to experience a most amazing five hour Full Body Orgasm with Tantric Ninja. With care and kindness his initial consultation identified some of the root cause of my fears and pains around my sexual well being and relationships. This part of the session itself was astoundingly accurate, liberating and quite confronting!

Once on the table, Tantric Ninja was able to gently guide me and it did not take long for me to fully drop into the experience. I began to feel my whole body vibrate with a warm tingling sensation from my hair, face, breasts, pussy and toes. It was like my whole body had come alive and was arching towards this orgasmic experience and my brain had no say in the matter. It was a deeply emotional experience and I felt a lot of pain and sadness that had built up. I was left feeling with a strong sense of relief, natural confidence, floaty, invigorated, surrendered, happy and a rekindled commitment to keep showing up to reside in my sexual well being.

Over the course of what seemed like only half an hour - which was in fact about five hours! I was overcome with emotion and tears and I was able to feel all the shame and anger that had built up over many years start to wash away and release me. It was an exquisite, healing and memorable experience and one that my body is still thanking me for!

I would recommend that any woman who feels that sex could be more than what they already know, experience or sustain commit to going deeper and unearthing your wild, juicy, sexy and feminine self to book a session with Tantric Ninja. It was a wonderful experience from head to toe! Thank you."

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Niki Kala, Sydney, NSW Australia

"What a blessing and an honor it was to experience the orgasmic bodywork with Tantric Ninja. There were moments of intense emotion and openings of pleasure, the most unexpected was a mouthgasm!!! So curious and wonderful to be so skilfully guided into experiencing more of my own potential.

If you feel the calling to bring forth the embodiment of your wholeness and sexuality choose the Tantric Ninja. He is truly an authentic man and is in complete service to feminine awakening with the utmost sensitivity and awareness.  I felt witnessed, honored and safely held. Thank you Tantric Ninja"

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mirka Comelli, Verona, Italy

"I recently had the great honor to participate in a session with this beautiful and magical being that is known as the Tantric Ninja. I met him through several mutual friends while traveling in Melbourne. Somewhere deep in my heart I was looking for help for a long time. I was not exactly sure what was the best thing for me to do. I was loosing my mind and unsure what to do, so I tried to shut down my feelings and just kept working away. I really did believe that I could get through this frustration and poor health on my own. I have been suffering with endometriosis for many years. I have not felt satisfied sexually and I had resigned to having no sex.

I’ve been working as a dancer for some time now and even that has been getting boring, painful and depressing. Now in hindsight, I realize how lost I was. I was desperate, feeling numb, in pain and low in energy. Due to my poor health both mentally, emotional and physical, I started to lose confidence and I said to myself that I’d had enough. So I started to pray with all my heart for real help and a few days later there was Tantric Ninja, he contacted me! It was as if he felt my pain and came to rescue me.

Even when I first met him, I felt I could talk about anything, his heart is welcoming, comforting and full of wisdom. The actual session was an incredible experience, he made me feel at ease from the start, I felt vulnerable and strong at the same time. It felt reassuring to feel next to me an authentic man with the knowledge, insight and humility guiding and holding my hand. I got to experience and become aware of the blocks in my body that he helped me work with and helped them flow again since resisting and denying has caused me so much pain. I felt these blocks dissolve and the energy coming from him traveling through my whole body helped me feel my way back to life.

He was able to hold space for me to remain in my orgasmic bliss for almost 8 hours which I still cannot quite understand as it felt like a deliciously restful hour. It was such a magic journey that I was able to experience through my body and connect with my soul. With renewed confidence, inspiration and flow, I am forever grateful for this enlightening experience and introduction to my inner world. I feel fresh, new, full of energy and much more positive. I actually feel filled with love. I am so glad that I was open to his work. Thank you."

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Melissa Rymer, Melbourne, VIC Australia

"I have just finished a delicious and life affirming session with the Tantric Ninja. Always so gentle, and respectful, I felt a deep soul connection through his sacred work. He helped me navigate the untended path to rediscover my own pleasure and introduce me to my wilder self. Up until working with you, for me, orgasm was like a pleasant sneeze or as he described it like a little girl’s orgasm. With his beautiful words and loving kindness, I felt overwhelmingly safe and supported to delve into the deeper waters of the orgasmic life force. As a woman, he helped me to see that this is my birthright and the true power of my femininity. 

I found the detailed consultation that he offered at the beginning of the session enhanced a heart felt connection and helped me to open up to the whole blissful experience. I felt seen and valued as a person and as a woman, which is something I have been yearning for after years of being in an unfulfilling marriage. I cried and laughed many times during the session. I felt my body and spirit letting go of some childhood sadness and at the same time becoming reacquainted with my bliss. I look forward to continuing this journey.

Even though the actual session went for over 3 hours, I felt like I had been transported to an alternate universe within my being. It felt like no time had passed, I could have gone on all day. The whole experience was incredibly erotic and I was especially turned on experiencing my first mouth orgasm (who knew?) I learned that my entire body, from my head to toes is an erotic zone and that I am the one who has the greatest power to turn myself on. Thank you Tantric Ninja for our session, it was a truly nourishing and healing way to spend a day. You are so kind, and respectful. It is such a gift to know you and I am planning to recommend your work to many of my friends.”

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Jennifer Steed - Nelson, Canada

"Tantric Ninja is a fine man who carries himself in the world with respect, honour and reverence for all beings, all genders and all walks. Although I’ve know of him for almost 5 years, I never really knew what he did other than being a martial arts master and a male burlesque dancer. I’ve always been curious as he is quite an enigma!

My friendship with him recently deepened by my opening to receive several sessions with him.  I knew that I was in safe hands which is and was of paramount importance. I knew I was to be held in honour and reverence as a soul, a woman, a mother, a friend.  I  knew this would be a totally new experience even though I have experienced tantra before.
Tantric Ninja initiated me through an entirely different realm of possibility. He is clear, concise, committed and confident in this practice.  It is evident that the many many years he has been a student and practitioner of tantra and other spiritual practices makes him extraordinarily sensitive and capable.

I felt entirely seen and held while what felt like I was being 'played' like a cello.  This was phenomenal and allowed for my full expression and wildness to unravel with him.
I can not more highly recommend Tantric Ninja as a fine human being with a love and compassion to offer this practice that gives him very special presence."

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Melanie Ramseier - Geneva, Switzerland

"The moment I first saw Tantric Ninja, I knew I wanted to meet him. The energy he was emanating was too powerful to be ignored. I had a deep feeling that he will be a great help and guide for me. After our initial conversation, I decided to have a session with him.

The way he was talking to me made me feel so comfortable right from the beginning. He was gentle, thoughtful and so respectful. He made me feel good, sexy and extremely special. He did not think about himself a second, rather just concentrate about my pleasure.

Before we started the session, he took the time to get to know me. During the initial consultation he used some fascinating tools as a guideline to follow, to help me to find my natural flow and to stop fighting against my real nature. 

During the session itself I was a bit nervous, I must admit but that did not last long. He immediately made me feel relaxed and thanks to him I let myself go to another world. I went inside my being like never before. The energy between us was high and powerful.

I felt so many sensations, joy, sadness, warm, cold but some much more deep such as the electricity, the power and energy which was inside me that I never really had the opportunity to take time to realize how much I had in me. This is one of the most precious things I learn with Tantric Ninja, not only did he take the time to help me reconnect with my whole being.

I recommend this session to every woman, at least once in her life, just to let go of all the cliché and ideas that we think about orgasms in generally and to realize how powerful we truly are."

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Amanda Haack - Melbourne, VIC Australia

"One glorious day I had the pleasure of meeting the Tantric Ninja. At the time, I was sitting with my partner in the beer garden at my local bar. He naturally made me feel good about myself. All people come into our lives for a reason, the way forward is realizing why. I knew exactly why he had just walked across my path. Of course everything came to the surface again and I intuitively knew he was the one that could help me.

I knew I needed to fully connect to myself, I thought I could do this by myself but had reached the point where I have been experiencing painful blocks all over my body. I grew even more apprehensive as the date of our scheduled session approached because of the nature of this work and what these blocks may hold. I was afraid of what might unleash and tried not to think about it too much. Of course, I was well aware of the burden I was carrying. So I put the whole situation to the back of my mind until the day Tantric Ninja crossed my path and kindly gave me his beautiful card.

Tantric Ninja took the time to get to know me through an informal discussion and gave me some wonderful insights about myself, even before I new the session had begun. I was able to quickly trust him and had no hesitation in sharing my feelings with him. So many emotions came up but he was able to ground me so magically that it enabled me to go deeper to where he was guiding me. The level of support I felt was very new to me but I relished it completely.

This was the most enlightening experience and I am most grateful. I came face to face with my natural bliss. I am eternally thankful for our meeting. I highly recommend a session with Tantric Ninja to all women."

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kerrie Smith - Melbourne, VIC Australia

"I had the opportunity to experience an introductory orgasmic body work session with Tantric Ninja recently. I found him to be a fantastic guide, supporting me to relax, open and ultimately surrender and move deeper into myself.

I felt comfortable and trusted him as a facilitator and although I only had an introductory session of the work he does, I was left feeling much more connected and blissful after the session. I look forward to a full session in the near future. Thank you Tantric Ninja for a beautiful experience"

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Alba Hernane - Madrid, Spain

"Thank you Tantric Ninja for introducing me to full body orgasms. Your approach to this work is gentle, sensitive and empowering. I now know how important it is for me to acknowledge this world within me so that I can reside in my orgasmic nature. Through this work I've experienced orgasms in places that I did not know existed. I've always been fascinated with sex and I've even been a witness to the  industry for a short while as part of my research. Although I found his work unfamiliar and challenging, I am glad that I surrendered to the process. I found my session very liberating and it opened up another world. I know there is so much more that I can do and learn to bring more joy into my life.

I now find that I am enjoying my desire more deeply and remind myself to breath and find my natural flow. I've noticed how I've been running around in my mind and emotion trying have order in my life when in fact I can be free without trying to know everything. The most important thing that I have taken away from our session is that I am so much more than my mind can create or believe. I know that I need to be more kind, gentle and nurturing to myself to help me feel more in my femininity, vulnerability and essence. This is only the beginning. I look forward to seeing you again when you come to Spain."

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Tara Bedwell - Melbourne, VIC Australia

"My darling kindred spirit Tantric Ninja, thank you, thank you, thank you for loving me and being so kind. For opening my heart and having the warmest of hearts to touch my soul, to feel peace and quiet and bliss. I cried and cried, laughed and laughed like never before. I've been suffering from depression for years and you just gave me permission to dance, feel joy and feel like a woman. To be a child again in the arms of my ancestors, my guides and all the angels. All that have loved me and those who will love me again. I am truly thankful!

You have opened my heart and I am grateful to you alone for not wanting more than to be there with me and to support me the way you do. I feel myself again, blissful and loving even after recently ending an abusive relationship. I've never had trouble finding lovers and I thought I could teach men a thing or two about sex but you just blew my mind and I cannot speak of you any higher than I do. Sexuality seems so much more natural, innocent and is so much more lingering than I've experienced before! I've been taking on men's shame, guilt and insecurity and forgotten my own natural joy and bliss. What a liberating realization! Phew! I look forward to our next session!"

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Marjean Holden - LA, California, USA

"Gentle, Calming, Enlightening & Powerful!

My session with the Tantric Ninja helped unlock a creative block that I had been experiencing for a few months. Months that may not seem like a long time for some but for me it was like a thousand years!!! I feel so much more natural, relaxed and trusting of what is flowing through me.

Even now after the session, I feel ALIVE, ENERGIZED, PEACEFUL and much more confident being in my own power and skin. Thank your for sharing with me such an unforgettable, eternal and internal journey that I will always cherish!

What a great way for anyone wanting to tap into a deeper sense of their own truth and power through their sexuality and gain the confidence to be able to take the necessary steps to follow through."

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Katja Wand - Frankfurt, Germany

"I was interested in Tantra for a while because I longed for more pleasure in my sexuality.  I felt dissatisfied with the physical aspect of sex as I longed to experience deeper connection and intimacy in my relationship. I was also fascinated as to how I can use sexuality as a tool for spiritual growth.  I've had some old issues around sexuality come up recently in my new relationship and have felt shut down since my marriage break down.

At first, I felt a reluctance to work with Tantric Ninja as it felt wrong to open up sexually with another man outside of my relationship even though my partner was very supportive. I discovered that after working remotely with Tantric Ninja that he was very patient, understanding, caring and knew how to encourage me gently. His guidance through the session was very professional, dynamic and individual. He made me feel very safe and supportive. His energy is very intense - in a good way - even in a remote session, I felt him easily.  I also enjoyed learning about the energetic dynamics between men and women as it resonates with me. It makes sense now that by connecting energetically with my own body helps me to become more receptive to my partner.

After the remote orgasmic session, I felt so blissful. It felt like my heart was about to burst. I'm still feeling the bliss and my worries look tiny from this higher frequency state. I've felt lighter and more joyful. Since then, I've felt more clarity with each day. What freedom! I am learning how accessing this orgasmic energy allows me to enjoy feeling more connected with life and my body.

Since the session, I feel so much more comfortable in my body. I felt seen and understood as a woman. My body feels alive and buzzing. Learning to connect with my orgasmic nature is so grounding and I am feeling much more vulnerable. My boyfriend was surprised at how intense our lovemaking now feels. I would recommend a session with Tantric Ninja as I trust him and know how he has helped me to opening up to my deepest feelings and ultimately to my true femininity."

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Kaytie Wood - Christchurch, New Zealand

"Amazing orgasmic tantric bodywork session... Remembering how to flow...

Experiencing my sexuality, my energy, like a responsive dance.
Layers of accumulated tension breathed away, layers of old stories of loss and pain
Abuse dropping away, opening to new flowing, orgasmic waves releasing.
Revealing the wild and free in me.

Too long I’ve held myself in a box. I realize, I put myself in a box when my lover died,
Pain and loss in my heart, and anger too, released, and the walls of the box fell open.
Deeper, residual layers of rape still held in my cells, as my body fought and surrendered.
A brief vision of nappy changing as a baby, something, something not right there.

Allowing the waves of energy, flowing, up through my body, moving and opening.
Sounds, so many sounds vibrating through me. I didn’t know I’d held back so much
Open. Breathe. Sounds: some raw, some humming, songs from the deep.

And more, the more, my breast, suddenly feel so responsive,
More alive than in years, my yoni, deep inside me, I can feel it all.
More and more the waves arising, cresting, peace between.

Going deeper, wider open, more, I’m the cosmic mother feeding,
Nourishing all of existence, from my orgasmic energy and orgasmic breasts.
Lady Bountiful. I laugh as I experience myself as her.

Snake moving. Undulating rhythmically up and up. Vision of my throat as snake throat,
I can feel and see the lines across my throat, opening, looking through my eyes, and out
Up through my crown, out to all, dancing with the energy as two healing snakes,
The caduceus.

Back into my womb, an inner flute opens up, all through the core of me.
Bamboo or fine wood (there’s a pun), notes and breath
Singing through it with the waves.

He is amazing, present and breathing and energy and compassion and acceptance and
Love and encouragement and so gentle and powerful, strongly male energy.
I was afraid of that before, but now I’m not. I feel him and I move and I love
And the energy moves me.

I cry with love and beauty and gratitude and bliss and joy, and the waves keep building and breaking.
I feel so safe, held and protected and met by his energy and full presence.
Able to let be unselfconscious as he gently reminds me of who I am.

I’ve never made love with myself like that, and yet I knew it, I knew those spaces.
There’s more, I know, yet I’m full with myself, with my own energy, my own femaleness.
Where have I been all my life?

Once upon a time I’d made it about the man but now, I’m full with me, in the love I am.
I laugh with the humour of asking the divine mother to give me what I need
And she has, and I am her. Beautiful!"

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Attalia Egerton - Geelong, VIC Australia

"Tantric Ninja is a skilful teacher and facilitator of orgasmic energy bodywork. He has a beautiful, authentic man that embodies a balance of the masculine and feminine which enabled me to feel at ease with him immediately. His natural state is openness, effortlessly creating a safe and nurturing space where self exploration and expression is nurtured and encouraged.

During my session I experienced many breakthroughs that enabled me to connect deeper to myself as a woman. My session helped me reconnect with my body; as for many years I had felt a sense of emptiness and numbness. I have started to reignite my feminine energy and really connect to and experience the bliss of being a woman. My vision is to continue working with him to go deeper within myself.

I had complete trust in the Tantric Ninja and this allowed me to access the vulnerable parts of myself that in the past I had kept hidden. I always felt that something was missing from my sexual experiences and what I now know is that it has been a sensual connection with my own body and my naturally orgasmic state.

At the beginning there was a part of me that wondered if I would be able to experience the deep orgasmic pleasure that I had heard about from his other clients. Working with Tantric Ninja has truly helped me to experience full body orgasms. I have now developed a new love and respect for my body and feel a deeper connection to all of life. Working remotely with him has been equally powerful, life changing and completely delicious."

Friday, 12 December 2014

Shae Elise Allen - Brunswick, VIC Australia

"Tantric Ninja is the consummate professional, a beautiful man and skilled energy worker who offered a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for me to experience this life changing energy work.

He supported me to move through physical and emotional energy blockages to connect deeply with my orgasmic, universal life energy. My wish is for all women to experience their most exquisite divine nature in this way and I offer to Tantric Ninja my immense gratitude for this work, for me it is key to expansive, whole living and provides deep understanding and acceptance of my Goddess self."

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Karen Merkel - Melbourne, VIC Australia

"Thank you for an amazing session.

For a long time I've been suffering from menopause, chronic fatigue and insomnia. After my session, I looked at my face and ever since with new eyes and am amazed at how young my skin looks. That night I had the best sleep I've had in ages. I also had lots of beautiful dreams which I remembered the next morning which is very rare for me. The next day I woke up feeling so young, so free, flowed out of bed and dance beautifully for ages, so surreal and seductive. I love my body, my looks and my movements. I felt so inspired about my life and my future.

You helped me to feel that I have so much to offer and feel I am much closer to be able to go with the flow of life rather than try to control everything. I felt I had energy at last and have felt that since the session. I have been ill with very low energy for a long time now and feel so recharged. I was able to even enjoy my hot flushes for the first time ever. I feel the heat surge through my body and being able to relax to it and feel the bliss it brings me. I wrote this down after your treatment and read it every day as it reminds me of how I can feel.

Your gift as a healer is amazing, your respect, sensitivity and also your passion to help others and your wish to help so many women feel a deeply respect for themselves. I love that you encouraged me to practice what you taught me in my sessions as it gives me a sense of independence unlike most of the medics I’ve dealt with over the years. I feel inspired to continue and connect with other women who I can support with this work. Your respect of women and your intuition of what they may have been through in their life and your skill to guide them gently to feel the pain and joy of who they really are is truly a blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."