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Friday, 30 June 2017

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, Tantric Ninja is offering you the opportunity to have an Orgasmic Body Work Session for half the normal price.

If you refer a friend, you will be eligible to receive 50% off your next session. Share the love and be rewarded as a thank you!

All you need to do is let us know or ask your friends to mention your name when booking in order to be eligible. What a great gift idea! Find out what our clients have to say below and if this work appeals to you, make a booking here today!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Carolyn 54, Melbourne, VIC Australia

"About six months ago I came to the blinding realization that I needed to stop living in my head and start living in my heart, my body and my pussy. As a business owner, serial author, public speaker and entrepreneur, work was my saving grace! My career gave me the independence I needed after a failed marriage, being a single parent but having an unsustainable and then non existing sex life, I needed to be brutally honest. The authentic, earthy, sexy, feminine, vulnerable woman I knew was there, had been in hiding pretty much my whole life - during my marriage and beyond. A deep distrust of men had also made a very comfortable home for itself in my heart. So, I set the intention to make 2017 the year that I would reverse all that. I have called it the year of experimentation and exploration so that I can love every juicy part of me and also create the space for a whole range of sexual and orgasmic awakenings as well as attract the kind of relationship I desire. I actually met the Tantric Ninja through Orgasmic Meditation which I find a wonderful and safe practice to regularly nurture my essential nature.

A very important part of my journey and a significant highlight, was to experience a most amazing five hour Full Body Orgasm with Tantric Ninja. With care and kindness his initial consultation identified some of the root cause of my fears and pains around my sexual well being and relationships. This part of the session itself was astoundingly accurate, liberating and quite confronting!

Once on the table, Tantric Ninja was able to gently guide me and it did not take long for me to fully drop into the experience. I began to feel my whole body vibrate with a warm tingling sensation from my hair, face, breasts, pussy and toes. It was like my whole body had come alive and was arching towards this orgasmic experience and my brain had no say in the matter. It was a deeply emotional experience and I felt a lot of pain and sadness that had built up. I was left feeling with a strong sense of relief, natural confidence, floaty, invigorated, surrendered, happy and a rekindled commitment to keep showing up to reside in my sexual well being.

Over the course of what seemed like only half an hour - which was in fact about five hours! I was overcome with emotion and tears and I was able to feel all the shame and anger that had built up over many years start to wash away and release me. It was an exquisite, healing and memorable experience and one that my body is still thanking me for!

I would recommend that any woman who feels that sex could be more than what they already know, experience or sustain commit to going deeper and unearthing your wild, juicy, sexy and feminine self to book a session with Tantric Ninja. It was a wonderful experience from head to toe! Thank you."

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Niki 38, Sydney, NSW Australia

"What a blessing and an honor it was to experience the orgasmic bodywork with Tantric Ninja. There were moments of intense emotion and openings of pleasure, the most unexpected was a mouthgasm!!! So curious and wonderful to be so skilfully guided into experiencing more of my own potential.

If you feel the calling to bring forth the embodiment of your wholeness and sexuality choose the Tantric Ninja. He is truly an authentic man and is in complete service to feminine awakening with the utmost sensitivity and awareness.  I felt witnessed, honored and safely held. Thank you Tantric Ninja"

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mirka 27, Melbourne, VIC Australia

"I recently had the great honor to participate in a session with this beautiful and magical being that is known as the Tantric Ninja. I met him through several mutual friends while traveling in Melbourne. Somewhere deep in my heart I was looking for help for a long time. I was not exactly sure what was the best thing for me to do. I was loosing my mind and unsure what to do, so I tried to shut down my feelings and just kept working away. I really did believe that I could get through this frustration and poor health on my own. I have been suffering with endometriosis for many years. I have not felt satisfied sexually and I had resigned to having no sex.

I’ve been working as a dancer for some time now and even that has been getting boring, painful and depressing. Now in hindsight, I realize how lost I was. I was desperate, feeling numb, in pain and low in energy. Due to my poor health both mentally, emotional and physical, I started to lose confidence and I said to myself that I’d had enough. So I started to pray with all my heart for real help and a few days later there was Tantric Ninja, he contacted me! It was as if he felt my pain and came to rescue me.

Even when I first met him, I felt I could talk about anything, his heart is welcoming, comforting and full of wisdom. The actual session was an incredible experience, he made me feel at ease from the start, I felt vulnerable and strong at the same time. It felt reassuring to feel next to me an authentic man with the knowledge, insight and humility guiding and holding my hand. I got to experience and become aware of the blocks in my body that he helped me work with and helped them flow again since resisting and denying has caused me so much pain. I felt these blocks dissolve and the energy coming from him traveling through my whole body helped me feel my way back to life.

He was able to hold space for me to remain in my orgasmic bliss for almost 8 hours which I still cannot quite understand as it felt like a deliciously restful hour. It was such a magic journey that I was able to experience through my body and connect with my soul. With renewed confidence, inspiration and flow, I am forever grateful for this enlightening experience and introduction to my inner world. I feel fresh, new, full of energy and much more positive. I actually feel filled with love. I am so glad that I was open to his work. Thank you."

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Melissa 51, Melbourne, VIC Australia

"I have just finished a delicious and life affirming session with the Tantric Ninja. Always so gentle, and respectful, I felt a deep soul connection through his sacred work. He helped me navigate the untended path to rediscover my own pleasure and introduce me to my wilder self. Up until working with you, for me, orgasm was like a pleasant sneeze or as he described it like a little girl’s orgasm. With his beautiful words and loving kindness, I felt overwhelmingly safe and supported to delve into the deeper waters of the orgasmic life force. As a woman, he helped me to see that this is my birthright and the true power of my femininity. 

I found the detailed consultation that he offered at the beginning of the session enhanced a heart felt connection and helped me to open up to the whole blissful experience. I felt seen and valued as a person and as a woman, which is something I have been yearning for after years of being in an unfulfilling marriage. I cried and laughed many times during the session. I felt my body and spirit letting go of some childhood sadness and at the same time becoming reacquainted with my bliss. I look forward to continuing this journey.

Even though the actual session went for over 3 hours, I felt like I had been transported to an alternate universe within my being. It felt like no time had passed, I could have gone on all day. The whole experience was incredibly erotic and I was especially turned on experiencing my first mouth orgasm (who knew?) I learned that my entire body, from my head to toes is an erotic zone and that I am the one who has the greatest power to turn myself on. Thank you Tantric Ninja for our session, it was a truly nourishing and healing way to spend a day. You are so kind, and respectful. It is such a gift to know you and I am planning to recommend your work to many of my friends.”

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Jennifer 50 - Nelson, Canada

"Tantric Ninja is a fine man who carries himself in the world with respect, honour and reverence for all beings, all genders and all walks. Although I’ve know of him for almost 5 years, I never really knew what he did other than being a martial arts master and a male burlesque dancer. I’ve always been curious as he is quite an enigma!

My friendship with him recently deepened by my opening to receive several sessions with him.  I knew that I was in safe hands which is and was of paramount importance. I knew I was to be held in honour and reverence as a soul, a woman, a mother, a friend.  I  knew this would be a totally new experience even though I have experienced tantra before.
Tantric Ninja initiated me through an entirely different realm of possibility. He is clear, concise, committed and confident in this practice.  It is evident that the many many years he has been a student and practitioner of tantra and other spiritual practices makes him extraordinarily sensitive and capable.

I felt entirely seen and held while what felt like I was being 'played' like a cello.  This was phenomenal and allowed for my full expression and wildness to unravel with him.
I can not more highly recommend Tantric Ninja as a fine human being with a love and compassion to offer this practice that gives him very special presence."

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Melanie 32 - Geneva, Switzerland

"The moment I first saw Tantric Ninja, I knew I wanted to meet him. The energy he was emanating was too powerful to be ignored. I had a deep feeling that he will be a great help and guide for me. After our initial conversation, I decided to have a session with him.

The way he was talking to me made me feel so comfortable right from the beginning. He was gentle, thoughtful and so respectful. He made me feel good, sexy and extremely special. He did not think about himself a second, rather just concentrate about my pleasure.

Before we started the session, he took the time to get to know me. During the initial consultation he used some fascinating tools as a guideline to follow, to help me to find my natural flow and to stop fighting against my real nature. 

During the session itself I was a bit nervous, I must admit but that did not last long. He immediately made me feel relaxed and thanks to him I let myself go to another world. I went inside my being like never before. The energy between us was high and powerful.

I felt so many sensations, joy, sadness, warm, cold but some much more deep such as the electricity, the power and energy which was inside me that I never really had the opportunity to take time to realise how much I had in me. This is one of the most precious things I learn with Tantric Ninja, not only did he take the time to reconnect with my whole being.

I recommend this session to every woman, at least once in her life, just to let go of all the cliché and ideas that we think about orgasms in generally and to realise how powerful we truly are."