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Tantra is The Art of Living


“As the delicate butterfly represents transformation, freedom and beauty, the gentle movements of its wings can impact the other side of the world, so too can the subtle vibration of breath transform our world and reality”

Since most people are so busy looking for external beauty they miss the gentle, subtle and sublime. Seeking security of knowing right and wrong try to deny fear, distress and disease. Beneath this vale of delusion are lifetimes of incorrect views, broken commitments, defilement and toxic relationships that they cannot be hidden from the eyes of the innocent, the children of valor. We have lost our innocence and it is time to find it through our heart wisdom. I honor you for your courage to embrace your true nature and highest values.

Much of today's middle class and commercialized spirituality is based on self serving belief systems designed to misguide and undermine actual authentic spiritual lineages that guide us to our primordial nature. You've seen them as memes that align you with your views no mater hour bitter, resentful and bigoted they may be. People are being challenged to be transparent are going online to express themselves like a big brother confessional to undermine their own sovereignty in order to generate an audience and business. There is a running joke about how westerners treat sex as a form of energy release, consumption and masturbation.

Tantra is literally the science of quantum physics as it is a complex body of knowledge that was passed not just verbally but through the 3 doors of embodied masters who transmit the Sutras from their realization of our true nature based on the correct view of emptiness. It is not about being good or bad but being in your true nature and most Judo-Christian devotees are trapped in the dualistic perception of this temporary existence. It is no wonder that the more people go down the esoteric path, the more they are confronted by the shadow side because of their wrong view that the light or a higher vibration is the goal when in fact the liberation of suffering is the first motivation and the final outcome is the correct view of emptiness. This misguided dualistic view of right and wrong has actually undermined our true nature. It is amazing how many people claim to be transmitting or teaching tantra that are still full of insecurities and mental afflictions. For instance, most people are learning Karma Sutra under the guise of Tantra. 

It amazes me how people try and pass themselves off as an expert on tantra teaching breathing, eye gazing, communication, and exercises without knowing the complete mandala or realizing emptiness. Many of the Tantric Masters refer to the story of the blind men touching the elephant thinking that they know what an elephant is by touching a small part of the elephant such as the ear, tusk, tail, nose or leg without actually knowing what it looks like. Regardless, your genuine intention to find union with source is sufficient to reach the first level of attainment. One that embodies the complete mandala of a tantric lineage is a emanation and representation of the many lineage masters that attained complete liberation and provided the instruction to attain the same realization. 

Some women travel far and wide and pay a fortune to feel grace, kindness and even beautiful but most become confused and ultimately get lost living out their inner Persephone in loneliness and some even realize their nightmares as Dr Frankenstein's bride and go under the knife. Which one are you! It takes courage to be free from ones attachment to such suffering. You will be amazed at what your dreams can reveal to you but they will never compare once you discover the beauty of our true reality.

Originality like Tantric Ninja's business card comes from within. Dare to question what is expected of us, what we've been taught, what we think, what we think we know, how we've been influenced and how to be free from such cyclical existence. Otherwise, you can keep pretending that everything is OK, you are coping and that everyone else has a problem and that you're just fine and have no interest in sex. That is exactly the thinking, behavior and suffering that brought you here in the first place.

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How To Channel Your Creative Life Force?


“As one learns that natural rhythm is made up of savored moments in between notes, so too can we discover that our true nature is between each thought. If you think you know it, you don't. When you feel it, you will be inseparable. Until then, you will suffer!”

By learning to be in harmony with our essential self, the union of our masculine and feminine energies becomes a dance. Many believe Tantra is about sex, a 6 week workshop, psychotherapy intensive, exercises that you can find in any acting or movement class or some mystic vocabulary but it is an essential teaching to embody insight, liberation and joy.

With over 3,500 solo dance performances during the 1990s before smart phones and YouTube, this rare footage captures one of his more sensual dances that embodies the divine within us all with grace, vulnerability and authenticity. As a dancer, tantrica and alchemist he emancipates women through gentle initiation and empowers men to learn emotional intelligence through teaching an ancient tantric martial art known as Pancha Tanmantra.

Having the good fortune to be trained daily, directly and extensively by a fully realized master for over 7 years in the same eastern Royal Lineage of Eroticism and Tantra as was introduced to Mata Hari, Tantric Ninja performs this Burlesque piece at an exclusive Adam and Eve themed event in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Here he invites the woman that was celebrating her birthday as “Eve” to taste his vodka infused apple.

Although historically the snake represented medicine, healing and transmutation, it has been made a scapegoat by various religious cultures to generate blame, fear and shame towards women and ultimately the feminine for our so called expulsion from paradise. It is actually our ignorance, apathy and belief systems that blinds us from it in the here and now!

Homage to all the mothers, women and children for the gifts they bring. Without them there would be no paradise but only war, greed and famine. May kindness, compassion and love become you!

Please enjoy this humble offering and be on the look out for more videos that once produced will showcase the dynamic tantric martial art and hopefully soon a recording of one of his talks or a demonstration.


Orgasmic Meditation - Awaken Sexuality


'Women have an internal judge that says, "I can't have that much pleasure! If I have that much pleasure, I owe back."

And I'm going to say, "Yes, you do owe back!"

You know what you own back? More pleasure!  As you have more pleasure then the ego structure begins to dissolve and as it dissolves you naturally love more!'

- Nicole Daedone

Listen to this remarkable 60 minute talk by Nicole Daedone author of Slow Sex and founder of OneTaste.com on the power of Valitional Estres and the impact that deep connection through Orgasm can have on women and the even more profound impact this awakening can have not only on their partners but also the planet. Discover what lies beyond your limitations!

Proof: Jesus Was A Tantric Buddhist Master   

I rarely bring in religion as a respect to the virtues of all faiths but also such a hindrance for people to open their minds beyond dogma into true spirituality that I am willing to open the can of worms.

It is well known throughout South East Asia that Jesus was a student of Buddhism and he sought out Buddhist Masters that transmitted the teachings of the Buddha. In fact, his actual name is Buddhist as Jesus was neither Hebrew or Latin as we assume through lack of knowledge. He was so accomplished that he had attained the light body and he was acknowledge by his followers by naming Cities and Islands in his honor. The name Jesus originates from the Sanskrit term for "one that will attain enlightenment in this lifetime", Hiswara. Upon his return to Jerusalem after 20 years, his own people would not acknowledge him or his name due to their own bigotry. They shortened his consecrated name to Hisus which was later anglicized to Jesus most likely to completely disassociate his spiritual lineage and the hidden meanings and actual source of his teachings. In order for one to receive such a title from a Spiritual Master one must realize their true nature through realizing the teaching, not just the 4 noble truths but also transcend human defilements according to the 10 perfection, precepts, paramitas or yamas which are "coincidentally" the 10 commandments.

Watch this remarkable 60 minute and learn for yourself what Jesus actually meant by being born again and the science behind his teaching to create deeper connection through awakening the senses to transcend the body. Once you open your eyes you will see why this seems so unbelievable to have been hidden from mankind. Let's not go down the wormhole of why and who has misguided you but focus on how to awaken your truly divine self. This is my purpose on this planet and now you will know yours. You will not be hearing this in church any time soon as they have a tradition based on lies that they need to uphold!

There is only one thing for your now and that is to do the work. Let me be your guide and spiritual friend! The right person, at the right place and at the right time.