Tantric Ninja


Orgasmic Meditation Taster

15 Minute Session

Designed to give women the opportunity to experience this profound meditation practice in a safe environment before committing to a full session or the formal OM Introductory Program. This is a unique obligation free opportunity to meet and experience Tantric Ninja.

Orgasmic Body Session

Fixed rate, session duration ranges from 3 to 4 hours.
(Includes a Complimentary Skype Follow Up Session)

* Purchase 10 Individual or Group Sessions at a 20% Discount

Skype Session

Remote orgasmic session duration ranges from 2 to 3 hours.

Follow Up Consultation

In person, tailored for your individual needs.

Orgasmic Lunch

Remember "When Harry Met Sally"? Well, now you can have your own orgasmic lunch.
$100 PER HOUR including Food

Wardrobe Make Over

Tantric Ninja will give you a make over utilizing your existing wardrobe, tailored to naturally express your orgasmic nature.
$1000 including several outfits.

Personal Confidant & Couch

Tailored for your individual needs to help mentor and empower you at home, work and social settings.
$3,000 24 HOURS MAX ^

Couples Intensive

A rare opportunity for just you and your partner to immerse yourselves in the world of the Tantric Ninja along with another internationally renowned Tantrica at a secret luxury dream location. Learn both foundational principles and practices from this tantric power couple.

This is an ancient journey where you both will experience self-discovery, initiation and empowerment known to only a select few. A live in intensive training over 5 days designed for you to experience more intimacy, personal transformation, deeper connection and mind blowing sex.
$15,000 5 DAYS ^


Please note that the Orgasmic Body Session is a prerequisite for the Consultation and Remote Sessions as it creates a solid foundation for you to experience a felt sense of the many concepts and insights covered. Remember that this work is a complete initiation and empowerment where you will receive specific instruction and techniques tailored for you (and your partner) to embody your orgasmic essence.

Any additional travel expenses are to be included as required.

All fees shown are in your local currency!
Hence, $ = £ = €. Fees will be in AUD if
your local currency is valued less than AUD.