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Orgasmic Meditation - OM Introduction

15 Minute Session

Orgasmic Meditation also referred to as OM, is a sexuality practice where women can experience the full range of Orgasm within a 15 minute practice without distraction, commerce or obligation. Tantric Ninja has designed the Taster in order to give women the opportunity to experience this profound meditation practice in a safe environment.


Learn To OM Introduction (Online):

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Watch This Short Video Beforehand:

OneTaste.com is now offering the course for FREE so we're dedicating time to support women in this practice as it is much harder for men to learn this practice correctly and hence the need for a sincere practice partner. Look Out for the Special Offer Pop Up Box for you to watch the short video and enter your details to express your interest otherwise go directly to the link below. Most tantric therapists who hear about OM negate its virtues and avoid recommending this practice due to conflict of interest! This is why Tantric Ninja is willing to promote this practice to address this void of knowledge and the hypocrisy of the "conscious" sexuality educators, practitioners and communities.

Before arranging a free session with Tantric Ninja you must first sign up and complete the FREE online OM Introduction Training HERE.

From your first experience with OM you will note the distinct quality of touch, resonance and connection but in less than 6 months women are able to fully awaken their natural flow, desire and passion. This is a unique obligation free opportunity to go completely within by experiencing Orgasmic Meditation as well as meet with the Tantric Ninja. Having shared over 1,000 OMs in the last 3 years he is an attentive, sincere and dedicated practitioner. Feel free to read some of his testimonials about OM on this site from women that have blossomed from this gentle yet deeply nourishing 15 minute practice.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Partner Integration

$1000 1 HOUR

This is specifically for men who's partners have already been introduced, trained and realized a high level of self realization through the practice of OM but would like to integrate OM into their relationships and intimate partners. Tantric Ninja is happy to support your relationship in this way. As a prerequisite, the male partner must have registered and watched the FREE online material as linked ABOVE, practised at least twice and to reach out once questions arise. This is an experiential practice that has just as much controversy as sex itself, hence why we feel that practitioners will require some hand holding and reassurance. Men are wired differently through conditioning but they too can be trained to feel and to be inspired to be present with you rather than end gaming or trying to get your off or go somewhere before even being present with you. It is probably best coming from another, granted more awakened man as men tend to feel put down rather than encouraged especially as this may be the saving grace to your relationship itself. I'm happy to be of assistance and help integrate the practice at home.


This training is only for male partners in a monogamous or committed open relationship. Male partners will be required to sit the full training if there is any doubt or issues raised of their ability to hold space within the defined container. Retraining is highly recommended especially if doubt or questions arise as it is critical to take note, adjust and refine since our own conditioning and patterns around sex and relating will arise which can undermine your good intentions, integration and embodiment of the practice. Cost for retraining by an official OM Coach is currently $500 so we tailor this to your specific integration and desire for privacy and not have to deal with community or. This includes a Debunking Session which releases codependency and sexual trauma by identifying your own personal disassociation. See Debunking Session Services below. Further details to get in touch with a specific OM couch if you prefer to gain access the private community which can be provided by request or on your own by searching online.

Human Design Integration

Fixed rate.
$1500 2 HOURS

Human Design combines the I-Ching, Western Astrology with your body's inherent energies centres to acknowledge your innate modus operandi. These readings will help you to naturally align with your highest purpose and is a great way of mapping your path to self realization. Discover your personal human design so that you can reside in your natural ease rather than trying to fit into other peoples expectations and limiting beliefs. Incorporating a trademarked integration process this is a wonderful alignment and integrative learning process.

Tantric Ninja will calculate your Human Design chart which is literally a road map to your true nature that most people initially find quite profound and revealing by giving them a sense of self acknowledgement, guidance and inspiration. He has an innate ability to intuitively weave the story of your design, to make sense of you. Understanding your karmic imprint can have a significant healing effect for you to realize your true potential. This one off reading helps you to remove the guess work in navigating through your conditioning to recognize and acknowledge your unique nature. Once your reading is complete, you will receive a recording and a detailed report for your reference and review. This will highlight for you the key points to read over them in your own time, to mindfully embody your authentic self.

Shibari Session


Fixed rate.
$500 2 HOURS*

Debunking perception of pain and pleasure in order to transcend polarised disassociation and releasing one from the shackles of convention by aligning to your true passion. Tantric Ninja is the first to scientifically demonstrate and verify the therapeutic aspect of rope play using digital bio-feedback technology. Tantric Ninja is a trained Shibari Artist and Tantric Master. Having tutorleage under numerous Masters both male and female, he has been able to not only induce deeper states of being and sensuality but also be able to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of working with rope. This sensual practice can bring you to a deeper state of connection, contentment and alignment.

Tantric Ninja Performance, demonstrating Shibari, the Art of Rope.


These sessions come with complementary before and after bio-field readings so that you can quantify and confirm the impact each session has on you. Here you can see an example where the Before shown with the Orange Circle and the After shown in Coloured Spheres with the corresponding Chakra can be clearly demonstrate the shift into alignment. Using the specific modality of Shibari, you are visually and kinaestheticly activated to note the positive effects rope can have on your body, mind and spirit, VALUED AT $1000. In fact, Synaesthesia is what you will realize and learn to integrate. Please keeping in mind that the Tantric Ninja has over 30 years in the remedial therapy, classical tantra, kinesiology, kung fu, weaponry, performance as well as being a scientist and his unique insight is unparalleled. No one else in the world offers this approach to demonstrate to lay people the impact that each client can experience through this particular work. Make sure to book a session and discover the profound benefits of working with Tantric Ninja.

* Beginners to Intermediate
Does not include Dearmouring Session!

Full Body Orgasmic Session

Fixed rate, session duration ranges from 3 to 5 hours.
$3000 to $2500 PER SESSION *
(Includes a Complimentary Skype Follow Up Session)

Experience the ultimate awakening and transformation of your body, mind and spirit with a full body orgasmic session with minimal touch to allow you to naturally and exquisitely experience your desire and sensations on a energetic level that will leave you honoured, held, speechless, fully aware and revitalized. This is the deluxe experience and is not to be missed as it is one of the missing pieces in our society, culture and sexual encounters. Known as the initiation by ones own inner fire. This awakening will active, de-armour, rejuvenate and align your subtle body to experience your true nature. No genital contact required.

* Purchase 5 Individual or Group Sessions at a 10% Discount

Group Sessions are a wonderful way for your to share or gift this delightful experience with your friends, organization and community.

+ Bonus

Abundance Activation, Programming and Ancestral DNA Karma Clearing as part of the session which includes a 6 month Personal Retreat as a blessing from the kindness of Tantric Ninja's own Royal Tantric Lineage. Incorporating a trademarked integration process this is a wonderful alignment and integrative learning process, This is a profound practice that will help you fulfil your purpose of being.
Prerequisites: Full Body Orgasmic Session

++ Bonus

Done for you retreat component with traditional offerings made daily and special power days by devoted practitioners to support your alignment with your specific goals to remove karmic blocks.
Prerequisites: Full Body Orgasmic Session, Abundance Activation

NOTE: You will be required to have an initial interview over the phone to determine whether you qualify. Please do not assume that you will be accepted for any session or practice regardless of your experience with tantra. It has become clear to the Tantric Ninja that most people who choose poverty, live in denial, resentment and ignorance by confusing actual tantric practice with unconscious orgasmic states, trauma, tumescence and samskara and stuck in the preparation stages of clearing the bodies energy system and aligning one to their bodies natural intelligence. That is just the beginning as it not only takes several sessions to clear, align and recognise but also continued sincere practice to ensure that you're introduced correctly and somewhat integrated since each individual has a different path and experience of reality which needs to be acknowledged and addressed in order for one's ultimate awakening, realisation and embodiment.

There a many clients who come for a single session in order to try, usurp and undermine their own selfish agendas. Like a thief entering an empty house. Whether the house is empty or not, they're still a thief! This is why for example when you meet a love interest who makes your feel overwhelmed like you're in a fairy tale but most people through karmic influences will often feel a sense of disappointment, disconnection and denial very quickly after their initial magical meeting. Spiritual bankruptcy and insecurity can not be cleared by some weekend work shop, breath work, life coach or magic pill. So too when in the presence of the Master. Unfortunately, most ignorant people attempt to project their reality and effectively perpetuate their own endless existence and suffering. Even when the Master has come down to their level of suffering through compassion as they have been blessed to transcend humanities concepts of self, dualism and emptiness. That is why you see people prostrate before the Master in acknowledgement of the blessing to have crossed their path and the reminder that they are a reflection of their own heart as you can only be humbled to be in the presence of unconditional love and compassion. The correct practice of Tantra requires the individual to develop love, compassion through gratitude, patience and devotion by resting on the shoulders of lineage.

This bonus practice is for those that realise that Tantra requires blessings, introduction and practice.

Just to set some context of what we are talking about here. Ever wondered why it is important to acknowledge your ancestral lineage? This chart shows that 64 Generations of your mother and fathers line each has just under 100,000,000,000,000,000 Ancestors.  If we take 1 Generation as 30 years, then 64 Generations is the equivalent of 1920 Years which would date back to the time of Christ. This is one reason why Royalty were so revered due to being descendants of vast service, leadership and abundance. Contrary to popular belief there are far more virtues omitted than what has been represented in order to keep secrets in order to separate us from the divine in mind, body and spirit as have I, due to people's capacity, agenda and the privy nature of reality and this work.

We are the cause and effect of not just our thoughts, words and actions but also our ancestor's too as this information is stored in our DNA. Every memory, thought, emotion and bodies are programmed with scarcity to some degree and this is something that as we awaken become very concious of that helps us become more sincere, appreciative and humble in order to receive from grace. Imagine the impact that this work will have on them but also your future generations.

Yoni Massage

Fixed rate, session duration per hour.
 $2000 2 HOURS*

Yoni Massage is a truly healing experience that every woman will find nurtures her sensual self in a safe, supportive, holistic way to honour your deep desires, release toxins and unresolved emotions. The treatment starts off with an full body oil massage that allows one to completely sink into their sensory body to prepare you for a gentle and soothing tension release process. This practice is by interview only as it is definitely not for everyone. Feel free to make contact for more information.

* Purchase 5 Individual or Group Sessions at a 10% Discount

Skype Sessions

Remote full orgasmic body session duration ranges from 2 to 3 hours.
 $3000 to $5000 PER SESSION

Debunking Sessions

These sessions are designed to address emotional and mental disassociations which are formed as a result of trauma, incest, rape, violence, codependency, infatuations, resentment, shame, guilt and addiction which leads to depression, dislexia, unfulfilment, prescripti
on drugs, dis-ease and suffering. This is a trademarked signature breakthrough process in a 2 to 3 hour session.
$3000 PER 1 SESSION 2 to 3 Hours
$10000 PER 5 SESSIONS Scheduled within 6 Months.

Follow Up Consultation

In person or via Skype, coaching tailored for your individual needs.

$2000 PER HOUR

Orgasmic Lunch

Remember "When Harry Met Sally"? Well, now you can have your own orgasmic lunch. Enjoy the world's first, First Class EXECUTIVE Limo Ride Experience.
$2000 PER HOUR excludes Orgasmic Menu. Vegan Option available upon request, of course.

Wardrobe Make Over

Tantric Ninja is a trained courtesan with an exceptional eye for detail and style and he will help give you a make over to replace or compliment your existing wardrobe, occasion or performance specifically selected with you to naturally express your orgasmic nature. This has brought much delight to his many clients.

$5000 4 HOURS excludes Outfits.

Professional Health Services Consultation

Suitable for alternative health specialist to help them verify, document and demonstrate the effectiveness of their life's work. We all know the challenges we face in promoting our work no matter how much conviction, sincerity and authenticity, we often are faced with client's scepticism, doubt and projection. Tantric Ninja has been in the tantric, meditation, healing, kinesiology, geomancy and new age field but his science background as an consultant engineer has allowed him to utilize scientific equipment to support his clients as well as other professionals to promote and support and promote their work through print and online marketing. This data can be used as a before and after reading from a single session or a series of consultations to demonstrate improvements in stress levels, organ energy, chakra alignment, whole brain activation and integration as well as heart and breath congruency. Consultants that have benefited from reports generated utilizing this technology include chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, massage therapist and sports consultants. Testing will need to be in person with either a client or the instructor themselves. Feel free to make contact for a quick demonstration and full details of what this means to you and your clients.

$1000 PER HOUR

Beyond Tantra © Introduction

Beyond Tantra © Introduction Bali Retreat is a rare and unique introduction to a classical Cosmology and Science of Tantra and oral and written traditions as taught to a select few including courtesans through the transendance of foundational lesser vehicles of mainstream Buddhism to the diamond vehicle of the secret Tantric Buddhist Lineage which go far beyond dualism and are directly linked to the many ancient eastern Royal Courts which date back more than over 2,500 years. Learn the parallels through various traditions and cultures. These workshops introduce you to knowledge that most puritan, moralist and polarised spiritualist remain in the closet and is embodied through a monastic form of Kung Fu practice which is pre-dates Atisha and was transmitted and summarise into the 6 Yogas of Naropa referred to as Tummo is one which in our modern age Pandits such as Wim Hof promote, propagate as his own brand due to his achievements and experience, also known as the ICEMAN. The breathing techniques which have become the central aspect of the Neo Tantric practitioners allow one to commence the journey by momentarily transcending trauma which has been summarised, misrepresented and promoted by most modern teachers as Tantra or Spiritual Practice itself. Without this specific knowledge, most people will continue to perpetuate disassociation and ignorance living in a polarised reality.
DATES: TBA - Please register your interest HERE.
PRICE: $7500 5 Days in Bali

Personal Confidant & Mentor

Tailored for your individual needs to specifically help mentor and empower you in your home, work and social settings.


Beyond Tantra © Individual Couple Intensives

A rare opportunity for you and your partner alone to immerse yourselves in the world of the Tantric Ninja along with another internationally renowned Tantrica at a secret luxury dream location. Learn both foundational principles and practices from this authentic tantric power couple.

This is an ancient journey where you both will experience self-discovery, initiation and empowerment known to only a select few. A private and exclusive live in intensive training over 5 days designed for you and your partner to experience more intimacy, personal transformation, deeper connection and mind blowing sex.
$15,000 5 DAYS ^

Please register your interest HERE.


Please note that the Full Orgasmic Body Session or the Yoni Massage is a prerequisite for the Consultation, Remote Sessions and Bonuses as it creates a solid foundation for you to experience a felt sense of the many concepts and insights covered. The nature of this work is to initiate, purify and empower as you will receive specific instruction and techniques tailored for you (and your partner where applicable) to connect, nurture and embody your orgasmic essence.

Based in Melbourne, sessions are available in your home unless arranged otherwise. Any additional national or international travel expenses are to be included as required. Feel free to discuss if this is the case.

Fees are in $AUD.
Payment Plans Can Be Arranged.