Tantric Ninja

Monday, 17 September 2018

Limited Time Offer

With over 1200 intimate sessions and being first and foremost a sexuality, transpersonal, breakthrough specialist, human behavioural educator and consultant since 1992. Many of the women he has worked with are educators, artists, personal development, empowerment facilitators including corporate professionals, medical practitioners, performance artists, sex workers including courtesans. In fact, he's the only practitioner in this field that guarantees results which is unparalleled in the industry.

The following testimonials are some of the insights from many of his clients who have experience through the application of his concept breaking, alternative modalities, scientific models and his methodical approach. Most people go to a the-rapist and shrink but Tantric Ninja will stretch you beyond your wildest imaginings You are where you're meant to be! After many years of personal disassociation, programming, breakthroughs, research, academia, mentoring, teaching and embodiment to become a beacon where most people choose to pretend does not exist. Tantric Ninja has continued to face adversity and support women specifically to unequivocally discover their true nature in a safe consent based practice, while addressing shame, confusion and move beyond dysfunction of conventional relationships in order to meet one's desire of love and embodied wisdom.

Isolation? We all need to connect deeper! Tantric Ninja specialises in remote work. Offering confidential one on one services online, since 2012. Interested in exploring the profound and unparalleled? You're welcome! Send him a message to arrange a discovery session as you recognise your greatness through a complementary discovery session, in no time! Aren't you? Check out the Services page to wet your appetite. For a limited time, Tantric Ninja is offering you the opportunity to have a Remote Orgasmic Body Work Session or a Breakthrough Session at half the normal price.*

*Conditions Apply: Refer a friend to receive 50% off both sessions. Both bookings must be made simultaneously. Offer will expire without notice, so take advantage of this gesture while it lasts. What a great gift idea!

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