Tantric Ninja

Saturday 12 March 2016

Amanda Haack - Melbourne, VIC Australia

"One glorious day I had the pleasure of meeting the Tantric Ninja. At the time, I was sitting with my partner in the beer garden at my local bar. He naturally made me feel good about myself. All people come into our lives for a reason, the way forward is realizing why. I knew exactly why he had just walked across my path. Of course everything came to the surface again and I intuitively knew he was the one that could help me.

I knew I needed to fully connect to myself, I thought I could do this by myself but had reached the point where I have been experiencing painful blocks all over my body. I grew even more apprehensive as the date of our scheduled session approached because of the nature of this work and what these blocks may hold. I was afraid of what might unleash and tried not to think about it too much. Of course, I was well aware of the burden I was carrying. So I put the whole situation to the back of my mind until the day Tantric Ninja crossed my path and kindly gave me his beautiful card.

Tantric Ninja took the time to get to know me through an informal discussion and gave me some wonderful insights about myself, even before I new the session had begun. I was able to quickly trust him and had no hesitation in sharing my feelings with him. So many emotions came up but he was able to ground me so magically that it enabled me to go deeper to where he was guiding me. The level of support I felt was very new to me but I relished it completely.

This was the most enlightening experience and I am most grateful. I came face to face with my natural bliss. I am eternally thankful for our meeting. I highly recommend a session with Tantric Ninja to all women."