Tantric Ninja

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Attalia Egerton - Geelong, VIC Australia

"Tantric Ninja is a skilful teacher and facilitator of orgasmic energy bodywork. He has a beautiful, authentic man that embodies a balance of the masculine and feminine which enabled me to feel at ease with him immediately. His natural state is openness, effortlessly creating a safe and nurturing space where self exploration and expression is nurtured and encouraged.

During my session I experienced many breakthroughs that enabled me to connect deeper to myself as a woman. My session helped me reconnect with my body; as for many years I had felt a sense of emptiness and numbness. I have started to reignite my feminine energy and really connect to and experience the bliss of being a woman. My vision is to continue working with him to go deeper within myself.

I had complete trust in the Tantric Ninja and this allowed me to access the vulnerable parts of myself that in the past I had kept hidden. I always felt that something was missing from my sexual experiences and what I now know is that it has been a sensual connection with my own body and my naturally orgasmic state.

At the beginning there was a part of me that wondered if I would be able to experience the deep orgasmic pleasure that I had heard about from his other clients. Working with Tantric Ninja has truly helped me to experience full body orgasms. I have now developed a new love and respect for my body and feel a deeper connection to all of life. Working remotely with him has been equally powerful, life changing and completely delicious."