Tantric Ninja

Sunday 22 November 2015

Tara Lara - Melbourne, VIC Australia

"My darling kindred spirit Tantric Ninja, thank you, thank you, thank you for loving me and being so kind. For opening my heart and having the warmest of hearts to touch my soul, to feel peace and quiet and bliss. I cried and cried, laughed and laughed like never before. I've been suffering from depression for years and you just gave me permission to dance, feel joy and feel like a woman. To be a child again in the arms of my ancestors, my guides and all the angels. All that have loved me and those who will love me again. I am truly thankful!

You have opened my heart and I am grateful to you alone for not wanting more than to be there with me and to support me the way you do. I feel myself again, blissful and loving even after recently ending an abusive relationship. I've never had trouble finding lovers and I thought I could teach men a thing or two about sex but you just blew my mind and I cannot speak of you any higher than I do. Sexuality seems so much more natural, innocent and is so much more lingering than I've experienced before! I've been taking on men's shame, guilt and insecurity and forgotten my own natural joy and bliss. What a liberating realization! Phew! I look forward to our next session!"