Tantric Ninja

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Marjean Holden - LA, California, USA

"Gentle, Calming, Enlightening & Powerful!

My session with the Tantric Ninja helped unlock a creative block that I had been experiencing for a few months. Months that may not seem like a long time for some but for me it was like a thousand years!!! I feel so much more natural, relaxed and trusting of what is flowing through me.

Even now after the session, I feel ALIVE, ENERGIZED, PEACEFUL and much more confident being in my own power and skin. Thank your for sharing with me such an unforgettable, eternal and internal journey that I will always cherish!

What a great way for anyone wanting to tap into a deeper sense of their own truth and power through their sexuality and gain the confidence to be able to take the necessary steps to follow through."