Tantric Ninja

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Jennifer Steed - Nelson, Canada

"Tantric Ninja is a fine man who carries himself in the world with respect, honour and reverence for all beings, all genders and all walks. Although I’ve know of him for almost 5 years, I never really knew what he did other than being a martial arts master and a male burlesque dancer. I’ve always been curious as he is quite an enigma!

My friendship with him recently deepened by my opening to receive several sessions with him.  I knew that I was in safe hands which is and was of paramount importance. I knew I was to be held in honour and reverence as a soul, a woman, a mother, a friend.  I  knew this would be a totally new experience even though I have experienced tantra before.
Tantric Ninja initiated me through an entirely different realm of possibility. He is clear, concise, committed and confident in this practice.  It is evident that the many many years he has been a student and practitioner of tantra and other spiritual practices makes him extraordinarily sensitive and capable.

I felt entirely seen and held while what felt like I was being 'played' like a cello.  This was phenomenal and allowed for my full expression and wildness to unravel with him.
I can not more highly recommend Tantric Ninja as a fine human being with a love and compassion to offer this practice that gives him very special presence."