Tantric Ninja

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Katja Wand - Frankfurt, Germany

"I was interested in Tantra for a while because I longed for more pleasure in my sexuality.  I felt dissatisfied with the physical aspect of sex as I longed to experience deeper connection and intimacy in my relationship. I was also fascinated as to how I can use sexuality as a tool for spiritual growth.  I've had some old issues around sexuality come up recently in my new relationship and have felt shut down since my marriage break down.

At first, I felt a reluctance to work with Tantric Ninja as it felt wrong to open up sexually with another man outside of my relationship even though my partner was very supportive. I discovered that after working remotely with Tantric Ninja that he was very patient, understanding, caring and knew how to encourage me gently. His guidance through the session was very professional, dynamic and individual. He made me feel very safe and supportive. His energy is very intense - in a good way - even in a remote session, I felt him easily.  I also enjoyed learning about the energetic dynamics between men and women as it resonates with me. It makes sense now that by connecting energetically with my own body helps me to become more receptive to my partner.

After the remote orgasmic session, I felt so blissful. It felt like my heart was about to burst. I'm still feeling the bliss and my worries look tiny from this higher frequency state. I've felt lighter and more joyful. Since then, I've felt more clarity with each day. What freedom! I am learning how accessing this orgasmic energy allows me to enjoy feeling more connected with life and my body.

Since the session, I feel so much more comfortable in my body. I felt seen and understood as a woman. My body feels alive and buzzing. Learning to connect with my orgasmic nature is so grounding and I am feeling much more vulnerable. My boyfriend was surprised at how intense our lovemaking now feels. I would recommend a session with Tantric Ninja as I trust him and know how he has helped me to opening up to my deepest feelings and ultimately to my true femininity."